It cannot be overstated how important our people are to us here at Enigen. We are lucky enough to have some fantastically talented people among us, and would like to introduce you to a few of Team Enigen.


Fernando is focused on the design, implementation, and integration of CX Sales (CRM) solutions for our customers. Fernando is key to many of our CRM projects, and also has the opportunity to input on a wider scope of CX products.

Fernando joined Enigen in February 2019, but not for the first time – He also worked for Enigen between 2014-2016. He decided to re-join the business due to “The chance to work on large projects with multiple platforms involved, enabling me to develop my career more towards integrations.” He said: “when I left previously, I liked what I did, but I missed the strong team spirit I had at Enigen. I also like that I can really see the impact of my actions here – in larger companies, you do not always get to play such a critical role in project success.”


Nathan joined Enigen in May 2018. He works with our clients to provide CX solutions that improve how they manage and interact with their customers, and assists in the design and implementation of these solutions to our clients. He also supports our sales team in pre-sales activities when identifying the right requirements for a business. He originally joined as a CX Analyst before being promoted to his current role of CX Consultant.

Nathan enjoys understanding business challenges and having the opportunity to improve and optimise business processes with creative solutions. He also enjoys the technical aspects of his role that allow him to build the solutions and troubleshoot issues.

He said: “The variety of experience Enigen offered and partnership with Oracle encouraged me to apply, and the opportunities offered here for self-development helped me decide Enigen was the right fit.”