Contributors: Mike Bramble (Enigen), Lindsay Duran (Zilliant)

Recently, our very own Mike Bramble sat down with Lindsay Duran, host of our partner Zilliant’s ‘B2B Reimagined’ podcast, and discussed how CPQ and price optimisation are the perfect match for Manufacturers.

Customers want the freedom and flexibility to choose the right product to meet their needs. They want a fair price, and they want a hassle-free transaction. These buyer asperations have not only existed before eCommerce, but they also predate even the computer.

Increased complexity, spurred by rapid market changes, have made these specific customer requirements more difficult to meet. Luckily, advances in technology and data utility hold the potential to flip that framing on it’s head.

Mike is our Managing Consultant for Commercial Performance Applications here at Enigen. His incredible depth in the field (“I’m afraid CPQ is very much in my blood”) has proved integral in reframing the quote-to-cash process around those aforementioned fundamentals.

Mike and Lindsay discussed how CPQ systems are unique in that they deliver equal value to both manufacturers and their downstream distributor or direct consumer customers. They allow customers to tailor products and services to their exact specifications, while empowering sales reps to turn around timely quotes with a higher likelihood of closing. And when paired with the right price optimization solution, CPQ can quickly deliver mutually agreeable, market-aligned prices for sellers and buyers.

“CPQ acts as a bit of a logic master in these areas to create a single source of truth for that sales process,” Mike explained. “It provides guidance for the user and technical accuracy in the output, so they can price those goods knowing that correct pricing rules have been applied and they can quote them the right information. It’s about accuracy to avoid rework and delays in getting a quote to a customer.”

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