Our comment on Forrester’s Predictions 2021: It’s All About Empathy, Digital, And Virtualizing Customer Care. Comment by Evan Bridges.

“The accessibility of technological developments relating to customer service has exploded in recent years, allowing new and exciting features such as AI/chatbots to complement or even replace traditional offerings for companies of all sizes in many industries.

The global pandemic has driven the need for a more sociological change; adopting the ’empathy-heavy’ approach is now critical to the success of any customer service offering, for both customers and businesses.

What we need to remember is that a change to customer service needs to be customer-led, rather than technology-driven. Utilising new technology in your approach to customer service should supplement and support the change in your approach and consideration, rather than being the sole focus of customer service improvements. We should still see an uplift in the use of these technologies, but instead of being solely ‘innovation-driven’ implementations, they become culture-driven. The technology can then act as the tool that brings to life these culture-driven changes in customer service.

Rather than considering ‘what technology can we get for our budget’ when approaching customer service transformations, we should be considering ‘what changes can we achieve for our customers within our budget’.”

Evan Bridges is a Senior Manager for Implementation and Support at Enigen



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