Enigen are a UiPath Silver Partner. We use the UiPath RPA platform to automate business processes by simulating human interactions with software and systems. We leverage RPA to automate high-value, repetitive tasks for our customers; be that automating the loans process, speeding up the processing of documentation for social care, or streamlining the induction process for new employees.

Core processes which are often the subject of RPA include:

  • Human Resources Automation. Automate your Payroll systems, employee onboarding and staffing recruitment, freeing up your HR Professionals to focus on more human-centric initiatives.
  • Finance and Accounting Automation. Process invoices, optimise cash conversions, and prevent delays in accounts payable and accounts receivable.
  • Claims Processing Automation. Automate manual inputs, ensure consistency of data, create simple data retrieval models and remove human error with UiPath robots implemented by Enigen.
  • Legal and Compliance Automation. Free up your attorneys and specialists to respond more quickly to demands from clients and internal stakeholders by automating manual components of their roles.

RPA can be applied to almost any repetitive manual task to enable your team to spend more time on doing the parts of their role that they enjoy. To find out more about how RPA could be applied to your team or business, get in touch today.

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