From smart phones to smart meters, predictive maintenance to wearable technology. The data from connected devices is becoming the new oil. The Internet of Things has the power to revolutionise the customer experience – helping you to get closer to your customers.

Enigen’s approach to IoT is from a Consultancy perspective; we take a holistic view of your current IoT usage and processes and make recommendations based on these findings. We also have specialists who can review opportunities for the deployment of IoT technology.

This can take on many forms:

  • In the construction industry, businesses are avoiding equipment breakdown and reducing repair costs by using IoT devices and sensors to better predict maintenance cycles. But it’s not just warnings – these insights are opening up the opportunity for new revenue streams across the industry.
  • In the retail sector, customers are benefitting from detailed shopper mapping provided by IoT sensors, optimising the experience in-store and online.

And in manufacturing, we’re seeing smart products that can take corrective actions to avoid damage and order replacement parts – improving factory efficiency while creating self-service revenue models for vendors.

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