“Customer experience is not a set of applications, and it’s not a set of technologies. It’s the way a consumer expects you to interact with them regardless of how they procure; whether it’s B2B or B2C.”

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At Enigen we believe in creating exceptional customer experiences – in both the applications we work with and deliver to your business, and in our relationships with our own customers.

Enigized Managed Services & Support is born out of a necessity to deliver these experiences on our customers’ own terms. It is not enough to manage & deliver technology implementation; we recognise that a service focused on a number of principles, namely low cost, high quality, short SLAs and a flexible payment model is the only way to deliver an exceptional experience to our customers.

If you’re considering application investment in Oracle Customer Experience applications, and are keen to work with a partner who has the breath of capability to work across the entire CX Stack, Enigized Managed Services & Support is right for you.

Watch our Managing Director, Alex Love, discuss the solution in detail in the video below, or get in touch today at [email protected] to find out more.