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Are You Embracing Member Experience in Private Healthcare?

Customer Experience (or in the case of Private Healthcare, Member Experience) has become the hallmark of the successful modern organisation. Netflix, Amazon and Uber are 3 of the most well-known, most successful convenience-embracing businesses of the 21st century. As consumers become more empowered through the ‘always connected’ philosophy, we see this demand for convenience, ease-of-use, and joined-up services spread across all consumer-facing industries.

So where does that leave Private Healthcare in the UK? According to LaingBuisson, PMI sales in Britain are on the climb following the post-2008 slump, with 10.6% of the population involved in a plan – 76.3% of those through their employee medical insurance. With increasing PMI membership comes increased opportunities:

  • To attract new members who switch or begin a plan
  • To retain your members by standing out from your competitors

These two key opportunities for Private Healthcare Insurers and Providers can be best approached in much the same way Netflix, Amazon and Uber have developed their market share; by revolutionising the “Customer/Member Experience” – providing an easy-to-use service that is consistent and frustration-free.

The issue with member experience is that it’s a broad field – one that reaches almost every corner of the business. Every aspect matters; from the way your website works, to the ease of renewing a plan or comparing healthcare options, to the level of personalised messaging members receive, not forgetting excellent patient care. It can be easy to pump cash into one part of the business, expecting to boost the member experience, while neglecting simple issues like well-structured FAQs or a personalised website experience.


There are two primary methods which can be used to understand the issues your members face in purchasing or renewing their healthcare plans.

  1. Customer Feedback Surveys
  2. Customer Experience Journey Mapping

Customer feedback surveys are a tried-and-tested method to gain qualitative data from your existing members. They provide feedback on the positives or negatives of your member’s experiences. The primary issue with this is that they tend to only reach two particular types of member:

  • Members with glowing reviews
  • Members with harsh reviews

The key section of members your feedback surveys miss is those customers who never make it to membership. So, how do we investigate the issues this segment of your customer base experience?

Brain scan image for CXJM session Private Healthcare CXJM Customer Experience Journey Mapping

Customer Experience Journey Mapping (CXJM) is the process of mapping your member’s journeys; from their first point-of-contact with your organisation, through enquiring about and purchasing a plan, to post-sale contact. It’s a toolkit that allows you to walk in the shoes of your members, understand the pain-points in the buying cycle, and identify upselling opportunities.

At Enigen, we’ve led numerous CXJM workshops across a variety of industries, and time and time again they prove to be invaluable to those organisations who attend in understanding their customer’s journey.

Our next Customer Experience Journey Mapping workshop has been crafted specifically for the Private Healthcare sector, in partnership with Oracle. If your organisation is serious about revolutionising your Member Experience, or even just intrigued to find out more, make sure you come along to this free workshop on the 21st September in Moorgate, London, and we’ll help you understand the journeys your members are making, and how to improve them.

If you’re interested, make sure you register on our events page: https://enigen.co.uk/events/private-healthcare-cxjm-workshop/. You’ll have an opportunity to engage with peers and our expert coaches, while gaining first-hand knowledge of an emerging human centred outside-in approach to customer experience design. Take the toolkit to your organisation and be confident in your knowledge of the issues in your customer experience, and how to tackle them.