In our ‘Meet #TeamEnigen’ series, we give you an insight into the people that make our Consultancy what it is, and how those people demonstrate our Values;

  • Being Innovative
  • Acting with Integrity
  • Demonstrating Adaptability
  • Working Collaboratively
  • Delivering Quality

This feature focuses on our Director of People & Culture, Erin Shaw. Erin has been working with Enigen for over 3 years and her focus is on our people and building and nurturing the company culture that let’s our team flourish.

The following is an introduction to Erin and her history, conducted by our Marketing Manager Oscar Catling.

Name: Erin Shaw
Role: Director – People & Culture
Experience: Over 8 years in a HR capacity

Oscar: Hi Erin! How are you today?

Erin: Hi Oscar, I’m well, looking forward to getting stuck into your questions!

Oscar: That’s great. So there’s 10 questions, 5 professional and 5 personal.

Erin: Fire away!

Oscar: First question; can you tell me about yourself, your role and your responsibilities?

Erin: Yes. I’m Erin Shaw, and I’ve worked at Enigen for nearly three and a half years. My role is Director of People and Culture. Before joining Enigen I worked in various HR roles in different sectors including private healthcare, retail and leisure.

In terms of my role now, my responsibilities include recruitment, onboarding and induction, performance and development, wellbeing, company culture, employee engagement, reward and benefit management and all people related processes. A key part of my role is supporting people and coaching colleagues as well. So essentially, anything that relates to employee experience. As a business we do customer experience, I do employee experience!

Oscar: Your title is somewhat unusual, so what is different to your role, or perhaps your attitude to it, that you think goes beyond Human Resources and into People and Culture?

Erin: I think HR is quite a traditional job title and everyone knows what that means, but for me personally, and as we have grown and developed as a business, ‘HR’ doesn’t quite fit with what we do. In HR the areas that you cover and have responsibility for are all about people, but I think the term ‘Human Resources’ doesn’t quite reflect this and encompass the real purpose of my role and responsibilities. At Enigen our people and our culture are important to us and so for me that’s reflected in my title and what I focus on within my role, working with the people in our team.

Oscar: Brilliant answer! So, what’s your favourite thing about working at Enigen or your favourite part of your role?

Erin: There’s two aspects. The first is more about Enigen generally than my role. One of the things I absolutely love about Enigen, probably the thing I love the most, is the people we have here, I think that we have a really great team who support each other, who work really well, they’re really professional and have pride in their work, working really hard for our customers.

From more of a role perspective my favourite thing is that I feel I can make a difference and I can see the value in my work, there’s not loads of red tape to go through and I think that’s something I personally really enjoy, you don’t always get that in other companies. So that’s what I like the most – that I can see the value, I can express my opinions and they are listened to.

Oscar: Ok great! The last question for the professional side is why is employee experience important to a business and do you think that it delivers better customer experiences?

Erin: Employee experience for me is important on two levels. The first is that it’s really important that people enjoy where they work. They should have an environment where they feel supported, valued, challenged, have the opportunity to be heard and be able to work collaboratively. Employee wellbeing and experience is really essential.

The second part of that is that when people have a good employee experience and are well taken care of, I think that translates in business growth and development. If people are fulfilled and they feel valued at work, if what they’re doing is tangible and meaningful, then I believe they’ll do the best by our customers and deliver better customer experiences – and that drives growth.

Oscar: Perfect! Right, I think that’s it for the work-related questions – next, let’s get to know a bit more about you as a person. What 3 words would you use to describe yourself – in a work context or in a normal context- maybe even a bit of both!

Erin: I would say probably a bit of both are; supportive, bubbly and strong.

Oscar: Very nice, excellent! What do you like to do in your spare time?

Erin: Ohh, well…

Oscar: Shortly you’ll be playing with your new puppy, I imagine?

Erin: Yeah, for the last few months it has mostly been looking at puppies! But generally, I like to spend time with my husband, with my family and my friends. Probably my favourite activity is to go out for a Sunday roast dinner.

Oscar: I’m not sure eating your Sunday roast counts as an activity Erin!

Erin: Oh in my world Oscar it does!

Oscar: Do you like the whole go on a nice long walk, build yourself up to it or do you go straight for the food?

Erin: I like going for a walk, will be even better when we do get our dog, walks will be more fun. I also try to do something every day that I enjoy for myself as well. It could be reading, cooking a dinner, listening to a podcast that I enjoy, but just having a bit of time just for me, which I think is really important.

Oscar: Definitely, definitely. Speaking of cooking – What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Erin: I had Weetabix with a coffee, because every day has to start with a coffee in my world.

Oscar: Coffee on the Weetabix or… Did you have milk with the Weetabix? Any fruit, any sugar?

Erin: Just milk.

Oscar: See, I like that, I like Weetabix without the sugar, its sugary enough.

Erin: Yeah, it’s a classic. I tend to go between that or apple and blueberry porridge, they’re kind of my two faithfuls…O: Oh, very nice.E: … Always with a coffee though.

Oscar: Okay – if you had one song as your ‘desert island disc’, as in the last and only song you have to play for the rest of your days, what would it be?

Erin: Definitely ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen.

Oscar: (Sings) ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’?

Erin: ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen is my favourite song in the world!

Oscar: It would be quite ironic to have ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ as the only song you could listen to…

Erin: It would be great, I would be dancing! It is genuinely my favourite song, it always makes me happy, it always makes me smile.

Oscar: Okay. If you had to have one meal and one meal only – what would it be?

Erin: This should be easy for me…

Oscar: Go on…

Erin: Beef Sunday roast dinner…with loads of gravy and a proper Yorkshire pudding, that would be my one meal forever.

Oscar:  There are slightly differing opinions about what constitutes a roast …can you break it down for me?

Erin: Ermm, so, I’m a bit controversial, in that on a beef roast dinner, I like to have mint sauce.

Oscar: Blasphemy! Why not just have lamb?

Erin: No no, I’m not a massive lamb fan. I’d have mint sauce on chicken as well. My ideal beef roast dinner would be beef that’s nice and pink, roast potatoes, some nice green veg and a nice big Yorkshire pudding that’s homemade, none of this Aunt Bessie, and also cauliflower cheese.

Oscar: I can tell this is something you spend a lot of time thinking about.

Erin: And loads of gravy. I need lots of gravy.

Oscar: I can’t get over this mint sauce business.

Erin: Its brilliant, its amazing. That would be my final meal. It would be my only meal if I had to have just one meal every day.

Oscar: Right, well, thank you Erin for joining me!

Erin: Thanks Oscar!


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