To continue our series of CX (Customer Experience) trends for 2017, based on CX Networks great report, we will be discussing the importance of a company’s CX strategy coming from the very top of the organization. The boardroom should be leading the way to empower the rest of the company to provide the CX that your customers are demanding.


It’s important to include all of the year’s top trends, as the CX strategy encompasses all of the above. Creating a CX strategy from boardroom level should take into account all of these areas.


Creating a CX strategy that is driven from the very top of the organization (C-level) will have a number of benefits. Here are some examples:

  • Reduces the likelihood of siloed strategies emerging within different parts of the company. This minimizes the risk of a disjointed and confusing experience reaching the customers.
  • Creation of more senior roles within the organization that are entirely customer-focussed (e.g. Chief Customer Officer, Head of Customer Experience, etc.). This will help drive the strategy throughout the company and lead to a more established CX strategy hierarchy.
  • Willingness to change technology and processes with emphasis on the customer.
  • Changing of antiquated company policies that may be holding back employee’s ability to provide an excellent CX.


Jens-Ole Boelsen, Head of User Experience at Otto Group, explained in an interview with CX Exchange that companies should “… start from the top, and management needs to recognize that we make sure we put one person in charge of managing the customer journey. Whenever a business decision is being taken […] the question that should always be asked is: ‘What is in it for the customers?'”.


By creating ownership for the customer journey from the top of the organization, decisions in the boardroom will be more likely to take the customer into account. Furthermore, by having a Chief Customer Officer, accountability is created for the quality of the customer journey and the experiences they have during that journey. Accountability creates a need for improvement and will improve the customer journey over time.


For more information on this topic, and other CX predictions, please see CX Network’s report.

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