Contributors: Oscar Catling, Marketing Manager and Vasileios Toumpelis, Analyst Developer

Our Get To Know Us series shines a spotlight on some of the team at Enigen, to give you a glimpse of what it’s like to work with us. This month I sat down with one of our Analyst Developers, Vasileios Toumpelis, to talk about his journey at Enigen and the roles he’s held in his three years here.

Vas joined as a CX Analyst in January 2018 directly from the University of Essex as a Computer Science graduate, working in our Delivery team.

Vas: “As a CX Analyst, I liked that I had a combination of client interactions and technical challenges like coding and building systems. Coming out of University as a Computer Science graduate I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be more customer-facing or more technical in my career path, so the CX Analyst role at Enigen was a great opportunity to try on both hats. I liked that I could put my knowledge from University into practice as well as learning on the job through courses, examinations, and practical work, and it was great experience for a recent graduate to be able to interact with customers alongside our Consultants and Senior Consultants.”

“In July 2019 I was promoted to CX Consultant, which gave me the opportunity to take on more responsibility; leading workshops and discoveries with our customers, and working closely with new CX Analysts to help them grow and progress. Over time, I found that although I enjoyed working closely with our customers, my true passion was in development and coding and I wanted to focus more on this aspect of consultancy. I spoke with our People team as well as my line manager, and was offered the opportunity to join our eCommerce & Portals team to move into a role that I felt was a better fit for me – Analyst Developer. Within my new role, I work on detailed coding every day which I really enjoy, and work with powerful tools to deliver eCommerce solutions for our customers.”

“For me, that’s the best thing about Enigen. With some companies you may feel stuck and that you need to leave the business to explore a new career path, but that’s not the case here – you are always offered the opportunity to learn and develop into a role that suits you best, whether this is becoming a consultant, a project manager, a developer, or anything else.”

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