Contributors: Oscar Catling, Marketing Manager and Emily Smakowski, Alliances Executive

Our Get To Know Us series shines a spotlight on some of the team here at Enigen, to give you insight into what it’s like to work here. This month I sat down with our Alliances Executive, Emily Smakowski, to talk about her experience at Enigen in her time as part of the team.

Emily joined Enigen as Alliances Executive in July 2020, having graduated from the University of Birmingham and working in Customer Services at David Lloyd Gyms.

Emily: “I wanted to work in Alliances because of my time in customer service; it helped me realise I was good with people, and good at helping people solve their problems. Alliances is a very people-centred role, so I knew it would be a good fit for me.”

“In joining Enigen, two things struck me right away; the first was the excellent company culture, and how welcoming everyone was. The second was just how interesting I found Customer Experience and the way it works in our lives and intersects with our day-to-day activities.”

“Initially I found it a little tricky to navigate working with such a large, international partner – as Oracle is the main partner I work with in my role. But over time, after learning more about the people, the processes, and the technology, things started to fall into place – I find it much easier now to navigate, and to know how I can help each rep I work with more specifically.”

“One of the things that was strange for me is that I joined at the beginning of the lockdown periods, in July 2020. The Enigen office was closed, and people weren’t meeting face-to-face, which in an Alliances role is abnormal. Now the world is opening up, I’m learning new aspects of my role that makes it a much more face-to-face experience, and I get to meet my team and my partners in person and develop a new aspect of my relationship with them.”

“I can’t wait to get out and travel, meet our partners, go to Enigen’s events, Oracle’s events, conferences, etc., and have more genuine interactions. And I’m looking forward to continuing to work closely with our partners to form close working relationships. When we build plans and strategies with our partners that then create success, that’s a great experience for everyone involved!”

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