Predicting the future of CX (customer experience) is difficult at the best of times. The innovation of current technology and invention of new technology is prevalent in the 21st century. Therefore, predicting how industries will change in a year is very difficult. The same can be said for CX due to the modern customer’s continuous uptake of popular technological advances.

Despite this, it’s important to prepare as much as possible for what may come in 2017. CX Network has produced an excellent CX Prediction report for 2017 with views from experts at Facebook, Forrester, and more.

Over the course of several blogs, we will be exploring some key insights from this report and what it means for us and many other companies within the CX industry.

Firstly, the current trends that experts believe will be key considerations for CX practitioners in 2017 were presented in the report. Below are two of the most agreed upon trends and from the 300+ experts whose opinions were polled:

  • Customer loyalty/retention
  • Providing an excellent digital customer experience


36% of the experts that responded to CX Network’s survey on CX trends in 2017 agreed that “Customer Loyalty & Retention” and “Digital Customer Experience” were the two most important trends this year.


These are 2 large and ever-evolving subjects within CX, and two common objectives that our customers mention frequently. Customer retention often defines a company’s ability to succeed in an industry with fierce competition. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you’re offering your customers a reason to come back again and again. It also ties in with many other areas of CX as without a strong overall CX, your customer retention levels will often be low regardless of what loyalty schemes you have in place.

This feeds into customers increasing demand for a coherent, omnichannel digital CX. By adopting new, popular technologies that resonate with a company’s target audience, they can provide an easier way for customers to enter the buying cycle and improve their customer retention through the targeted use of these technologies.

It’s easy to see why these two subjects have reached the top of many expert’s lists. By placing the digital customer journey at the top of your CX list this year, as well as focusing this journey on rewarding customer loyalty, you can enjoy an exciting and prosperous 2017.

Make sure you download the Full Report. It’s well worth the read, so just click here and head to CX Network.


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