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Get To Know Us: Nathan Egner, CX Consultant

Get to Know Team Enigen CX

Contributors: Oscar Catling, Marketing Manager and Nathan Egner, CX Consultant

Our Get To Know Us series shines a spotlight on some of the team at Enigen, to give you a glimpse of what it’s like to work with us. Recently I sat down with one of our CX Consultants, Nathan Egner, to talk about his experience working at Enigen and how he’s found his journey and progression so far.

Nathan joined us as a CX Analyst in May 2018, having previously worked as a Business Analyst in big data, in IT Support on CRM for food distribution & hotels, as well as in games development.

Nathan: “I knew I wanted to go into consulting. I originally went for a Support Analyst interview, but once I got talking to Evan (Bridges, Senior Manager – Implementation & Support) and Cris (Viedma, Director – Delivery Services) I realised I was really keen to work in a CX Analyst capacity, as it gave me a direct pathway to Consultancy.”

“As an Analyst, I liked shadowing consultants and having the freedom to pick up new responsibilities and learn new skills. I like the ability to be able to ‘fast track’ with Enigen. The responsibilities I picked up outside of my initial role enabled me to develop the skills to become a consultant really quickly. There was a clear path of progression which made things easy to understand – I was never left second guessing if what I was doing was going to actually help my career progression.”

“I became a Consultant in June 2019 – just over a year after I joined as an Analyst. It’s given me much more opportunity to be the lead consultant on projects and be involved in customer-facing activities.”

“I do find that wearing lots of different ‘hats’ can be challenging, but I love the variety of the role. Each project I work on offers a different set of goals I get to use my past experience to solve. I like getting to work with our partners, understand their ambitions and build the best solution with the latest technologies.”

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